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Ambassador for Safety Awards

Posted on 2-Feb-2014  

Ambassador for Safety Awards allow Parachute and Safe Communites to recognize and celebrate key contributors to the community’s development and execution of various initiatives in order to reduce the cost and pain of injuries, both intentional and unintentional, and also to promote a culture of safety for all of its citizens during the previous year at the grass roots level.

For 2013, we have reciptiants in 2 Ambassador for Safety Award categories: Individual Volunteerism and Community Service Partner


The criteria for the Individual Volunteerism nominee isan individual who has played an active role in support of the Safe Community Leadership Table in the past year and has been a consistent and effective supporter of injury prevention and safety promotion initiatives championed by the Safe Community and/or by community partners.  

2013’s Ambassador for Safety – Individual Volunteerism Award goes to Niahm Menz

  • She has had a very prominent voice in regards to pedestrian safety in our area for years
  • She has been an advocate for speed controls in Humboldt school zones and has concerns for residents with reduced physical and mental abilities.  She has been instrumental in Humboldt’s recent traffic law changes.
  • Also with her involvement, Safe Communities, Humboldt & District Community Services and Futuristic Industries will be implementing a new pedestrian/ bicycle safety program in 2014 for those who have disabilities. 


The criteria for the Community Service Partners nominee is: being a community organization that works in partnership with the Safe Community and has played an active role in support of the Safe Community in the past year.  They have also provided some support, whether in-kind, material or financial donations, to support the work of the Safe Community. The nominee has dedicated itself to injury prevention and safety promotion in some form that has had a positive community impact.  

2013’s Ambassador for Safety – Community Service Partner Award goes to – the Saskatoon Health Region

  • The Saskatoon Health Region is very involved in our Safe Community. 
  • Since 2006, they have allowed us to utilize their license, their staff and other resources necessary each year to run the P.A.R.T.Y. Program.  As well in 2013, they funded that Program.
  • They have funded other programs of ours such as our Progressive Agriculture Safety Day.
  • We worked very closely with their staff in a Falls Prevention Symposium which was held last fall. 
  • We will be working with them in 2014 to bring a pedestrian and helmet program for children called “Brain Walk”. 
  • They are the funders of our 2014 Progressive Agriculture Safety Day program.
  • And we continue to collaborate on many other opportunities as well. 


We thank the Humboldt RCMP, the Humboldt Fire Department and the Humboldt & District Ambulance Service for allowing us to present these awards at the Annual Emergency Services Gala each February.

Updated March 18, 2014